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My mission is to help you succeed in the real estate world



As a savvy Real Estate Investor serving Southern Ontario. I currently have extensive experience flipping, brrrring (Buy Renovate Refinance Rent and Repeat) and private lending.

I am an avid networker. I leverage my network to position myself as a valuable resource for aspiring investors and potential JV partners.

My vision is to support my associates and community on their journey to success by continuing to deliver valuable content, tools, resources and events.

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DM me here any time.

RE Investor

RE Strategy

Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR), Fix and Flip, Private Lender

My Investment Criteria

In cities larger than 20,000 population in Ontario

Skills (Expert In)

Analytical, solutions oriented, and works great in high pressure situations

Skills (Learning)

Negotiations, communication, and empathy