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Who is Dale Tidd? 

Father – Husband – Real Estate Investor – Technology Enthusiast, Singer, Dancer and Joker – I have a love for life and a passion for seeing people grow and succeed. My purpose in life is to be a living contribution, empowering people to BE their best while living a life of passion and purpose.  

For the past 25 years, I’ve coached elite athletes, teams, high-performing executives, sales executives, and entrepreneurs. business owners, and Real Estate professionals, helping them achieve both their personal and professional goals.

I’ve been a student of people and performance since I’ve always been curious about why some individuals succeed and others don’t. ​ I’ve also helped people produce real life-changing results, through coaching and mentoring them on how to achieve their personal goals to an optimal level. ​

My passion is to help real estate investors achieve true authentic success, where their whole life works – which includes their money, mind, body and soul – since I take a holistic approach. ​

I’ve been investing in Real Estate for the past 25 years focusing on single families BRRR strategies. Currently, my passion is to buy apartments that are off-market and not for sale.  

I’m also committed to educating and protecting consumers by providing up-to-date and accurate information to increase the awareness and aptitude of both buyers and sellers.

Realizing that there is a great need for accurate and current real estate education, I produced a show called  Inside Real Estate, a television show on Rogers which aired in Toronto and New Market Region with an average audience of 5,00,000 people. I’m also one of the Founders of the Toronto Condo Show, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. 

For many years, I’ve provided Real Estate Investors with tools and resources to grow beyond their personal limitations and empower them to have the courage to step beyond their fears.  

I challenge investors to push beyond their boundaries and self-imposed limitations, both in business and in life so that they can become Unstoppable!

As a graduate and Event leader with Landmark, a global personal and professional training organization, and an NLP Practitioner. I am dedicated to shifting people away from their limiting beliefs and back toward their true, authentic – unstoppable selves. 


I specialize in creating relatable and practical strategies by combining my personal experiences as a real estate investor. I continue to expand my skills and expertise by personally going beyond my limitations, allowing me to continue to enhance my personal coaching programs to help Real Estate investors optimize their performance and personal well-being.

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Instagram: @healthwealthperformance
Office: 67 Railside Rd. North York On. M3A 1B2

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Multi-Family (+20 units)

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Kitichiner Waterloo

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Property Analysis, Communication, Negotiation

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Sales/ Marketing, Taxation, Raising Money


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In-Person Seminars

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Who do I serve?

High-Performance Coaching is a methodology designed to help people rise to the challenge of excellence in their chosen domain. When delivered, it will unleash your peak performance, making you unstoppable!

The intention of our high-performance coaching program is to help you elevate all aspects of your life, including mind, body, soul and spirit since they are all connected.

The other goal is also to free you from limitations which you have put in place and free you from worry, concerns and from your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Our coaching will free you from the thoughts and opinions of others, and empower you to move beyond your boundaries. You will transition from the world of reasons, circumstances and limitations to the world of performance, where it’s all about the number of actions you take and the quality of these actions

What type of mentorship/coaching do I provide?

Performance/Results Based Coaching

Performance is defined as the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. Accomplishment, completion” (of something).

Performance is the actions you take which produce a result. The challenge is to identify these actions which can consistently produce these results despite your fears, your feelings, your emotions, and your circumstances, you take action!